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Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Hornet is a popular dating app and online dating site specifically designed for gay men, catering to the needs and preferences of the vibrant gay community. What sets Hornet apart from other dating apps is its unique focus on mental and physical health, offering a comprehensive platform that prioritizes well-being alongside providing opportunities for meaningful connections within the LGBTQ+ community.

Are you a gay man looking for a dating app that caters specifically to the LGBTQ+ community? Look no further than this Hornet app review! Discover how this online dating site is revolutionizing the way gay men connect and find meaningful relationships, while also promoting mental and physical health within the community. Curious about its unique features and success stories? Let’s dive into the world of Hornet together!

Active audience 10 million users
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 500,000+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity Top 3 dating app for gay men
Fraud Low incidence of fraudulent profiles
Rating 4.8/5
Registration Free and easy signup process
Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Pros & Cons

  • – Hornet is a top-notch dating app for gay guys, perfect for those who want to delve into the vibrant and exciting world of online dating.
  • – With an active community of Hornet members, you’re bound to find plenty of potential dates or even friends to connect with on this buzzing internet site.
  • – Offering a particular service that doesn’t leave free users feeling like neglected stepchildren, Hornet ensures your experience in the realm of gay online dating is worth every virtual penny.
  • – The free users on Hornet can sometimes be overwhelmingly thirsty and pushy, especially if you’re not interested in being a sugar daddy or playing into certain “arrangements.”
  • – Some members on Hornet tend to use the dating app for casual hookups rather than genuine connections, so if you’re seeking something more meaningful, it could be tricky.
  • – Despite being advertised as a dating app for gay men, there’s still a small percentage of users who don’t respect boundaries or are looking to exploit others – definitely exercise some caution while using this particular service.

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

How Does Hornet Work?

Hornet, a popular app for gay and bi men, was created in 2011 with the purpose of connecting LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide. It serves as both a website and mobile application, enabling users to access profiles and engage with other members from the comfort of their own devices. With an active audience on the site, Hornet boasts millions of registered users globally.

One can find diverse profiles on the Hornet platform, ranging from casual friendships to serious relationships.

Key features include free messaging services, location-based searching, and personalized feeds. The paid membership offers additional perks such as advanced filters to refine search results and the ability to browse profiles anonymously. Users are also granted the option to cancel customer reviews if they choose not to participate.

Hornet fosters a vibrant online community where gay singles have numerous opportunities for connection through chatrooms or by liking and commenting on other users’ posts in the Hornet feed.

Beyond virtual interactions, this multifaceted platform encourages real-life encounters by facilitating nearby events that help users connect more meaningfully offline. Whether one seeks friendship or a romantic date, Hornet aims to provide ample possibilities for genuine connections within its extensive user base.

How to Make Contact on Hornet

Have you ever wondered about the various contact options available on Hornet, a popular app for gay and bi men? In this section, we will explore the different ways in which users can connect with one another within the Hornet community. Whether you prefer using the Hornet app or visiting their website, both offer an array of features designed to help gay singles seek out meaningful connections with other users. From free features accessible to all members, to paid membership options that unlock additional perks, there are plenty of opportunities to interact and engage with their site’s active audience.

  • You can interact with other gay and bi men through the Hornet website or app, which cater to a site active audience of gay singles.
  • Besides free features, Hornet offers a paid membership that allows you to access additional perks and features on the platform.
  • The Hornet community encourages users to connect and engage with each other, whether it’s by sharing content in the Hornet feed or arranging real-life meetups for a potential romantic date.

On Hornet, connecting with gay and bi men is made easy through the various options available. Users can search for people based on their preferences or interests using filters such as age, location, and relationship status. The Hornet website and app provide a platform where individuals can interact by liking, commenting, or messaging each other.

For those looking for more exclusive features, a paid membership option is offered which grants access to additional perks like unlimited messages and advanced search filters. However, it’s important to note that canceling a subscription might be necessary if desired. To get an idea of what others think about the site’s services and community, users can read customer reviews online before creating their own Hornet account.

With its active audience consisting of diverse gay singles from around the world, users have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals on Hornet. Engaging in conversations or sharing photos through the free features provided fosters connections between members within this vibrant hornet community who are seeking everything from friendships to romantic dates. Keeping up-to-date with other users’ activities can easily be done through the hornet feed feature both on the website and app – enhancing one’s experience in finding potential matches for real-life meetups

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Registration Process

Looking to explore the gay dating scene and connect with like-minded individuals? Registering for a Hornet subscription is easy and essential! By becoming a service member on our web page, you’ll gain access to an extensive community of Hornet users seeking meaningful connections. Whether you’re interested in expanding your social circle, enhancing your sex life, or prioritizing your physical health, joining Hornet opens up countless opportunities to meet new people and even take things offline for a real-life date.

  • Go to Hornet’s web page.
  • Click on the "Sign Up" button to start the registration process.
  • Fill out the required information, such as your email address and create a strong password to create your Hornet service membership.

Remember to explore various features available in the Hornet subscription which cater specifically to gay dating. While Hornet focuses on connecting members of the LGBTQ+ community, it is essential to prioritize your physical health and safety when meeting new people offline or pursuing sexual connections.

To fully utilize Hornet and all its features, creating a profile is the next step after obtaining a service membership. The profile serves as your gateway to the world of gay dating on Hornet, allowing you to connect with other users for both meaningful relationships and casual encounters. It also offers an opportunity to showcase your physical health interests and preferences while fostering connections beyond mere sex life discussions. Moreover, having an engaging profile increases the chances of successfully transitioning from online conversations to offline dates.

To create a profile on Hornet, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a service membership with Hornet by signing up on their web page.
  2. Once registered, log in to your account using the provided credentials.
  3. Complete your profile by providing accurate and relevant information about yourself, such as your name, age, location, and interests.
  4. Upload a clear and recent photo of yourself that reflects your personality and is respectful towards others.
  5. Customize your profile by adding details about your physical health, hobbies, and interests to give other Hornet users an insight into your lifestyle.
  6. Specify your preferences and intentions regarding gay dating, whether it’s seeking friendships, romantic relationships, or casual sexual connections.
  7. Be thoughtful in describing what you are looking for from your potential matches to help ensure compatibility.
  8. Consider highlighting your personality traits or unique qualities to make your profile more attractive and engaging.
  9. Pay attention to privacy settings and choose what information you want to make public or visible only to specific individuals.
  10. Engage with other Hornet users by liking, commenting, or starting conversations to establish connections.
  11. Use the platform to plan dates offline if it aligns with your intentions and comfort level.
  12. Respect the rules and guidelines set by Hornet to maintain a safe and inclusive community.
  13. Regularly update and maintain your profile to reflect any changes in your life, enhancing your chances of meaningful connections.
  14. Remember that Hornet offers additional features and benefits through its subscription options called "Hornet Plus" or “Hornet Premium,” which may offer enhanced visibility and access to various tools.
  15. Enjoy exploring the platform while always prioritizing your personal safety and well-being.

Note: This guide assumes familiarity with Hornet’s interface and features.

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Interface & Design

The interface of Hornet is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing for effortless navigation. The layout is well-organized, with clear menus and icons that make it easy for users to access various features. Users can easily browse through different profiles, filter search results, and engage in conversations with other members. With its clean design and straightforward interface, Hornet ensures a seamless user experience.

Hornet’s design strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality. The app employs a modern aesthetic with visually appealing graphics and vibrant colors that enhance the overall user experience. The interface seamlessly integrates key functions such as messaging, profile customization, and social networking features while maintaining an uncluttered look. Whether you are new to the app or a long-time user, Hornet’s thoughtfully designed interface allows for efficient navigation and enjoyable interaction within the LGBTQ+ community.

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

What I Liked as a User

During my time using Hornet, a popular gay social network, I found several aspects of the platform quite appealing. Engaging with other members allowed me to connect and form meaningful connections within the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, one aspect that stood out was the diversity of content available on Hornet, which prevented any overused or repetitive material from becoming stale.

  • Vibrant and active community: One of the strongest sides of Hornet as a gay social network is its vibrant and active community. From my experience, there is always something happening on the platform with millions of other members engaging in various discussions, sharing their stories, and creating connections. This lively atmosphere ensures that there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, share experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Diverse content beyond stereotypes: Hornet goes beyond overused content often found on other platforms. It encourages its members to explore diverse topics, breaking away from stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. I appreciate this aspect of Hornet as it provides an opportunity for individuals to express themselves authentically without being confined by societal norms or preconceived notions about what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • A platform for finding a life partner: For those seeking a serious relationship or a life partner, Hornet provides a conducive environment. The platform allows users to state their preferences, showcase their interests, and find like-minded individuals looking for long-term commitments. Personally, I have come across many success stories where couples met through Hornet and built strong and lasting relationships based on shared values and goals.

  • Balanced approach to online flirting: Hornet offers a balanced approach when it comes to online flirting. While some platforms can focus solely on casual encounters, Hornet provides a space where individuals can connect on various levels, whether it be for friendship, dating, or exploring deeper emotional connections. In my experience, this approach fosters respectful interactions among users, promoting a sense of safety and genuine engagement rather than objectification.

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Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between


Hornet, a popular online dating platform, offers both free and paid features to its users. With a premium membership, users can enjoy exclusive perks such as unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, and the ability to view who has visited their profile. In addition to these standard functionalities, Hornet also boasts unique features like “Stories” where users can share photos and videos with their matches, as well as “My Scenes” which allows individuals to showcase their everyday life through pictures.

For those seeking a particular match or looking to make good friends in the LGBTQ+ community, Hornet provides a range of options that have been recently uncovered in this comprehensive hornet review.

With all the rest of its offerings closely examined, it’s clear that Hornet stands out among its competitors. Its premium membership allows for enhanced communication and exploration within the app while additional features like "Stories" and "My Scenes" add an extra layer of depth and personalization.

Whether you’re searching for love or simply hoping to expand your network of connections within the LGBTQ+ community, Hornet is definitely worth considering.

  • Premium Membership: Hornet offers the option of upgrading to a premium membership, which provides users with additional features and benefits.
  • Particular Match: The app allows users to search for and connect with individuals who share specific interests or preferences, helping them find particular matches.
  • Good Friends: Hornet emphasizes building connections and fostering friendships among its users, creating an inclusive and supportive online community.
  • Recently Uncovered: The platform includes a section dedicated to highlighting recently uncovered LGBTQ+ stories and news, providing users with a valuable source of up-to-date information.
  • Hornet Review: Users can access comprehensive reviews and ratings of various LGBTQ+ establishments (such as venues, bars, restaurants) within the app, making it easier to plan outings or socialize.
Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between


A paid subscription to Hornet offers several benefits. Not only does it unlock additional features and functionalities, but it also provides a more premium experience for users. The pricing of Hornet is competitive compared to other similar platforms on the market, making it a viable option for those seeking specific services or casual hook-ups. However, if you choose not to pay, Hornet can still be used for free. While this option limits access to certain features, the overall user experience remains satisfactory in comparison to other free options available.

When it comes to payment methods, Hornet offers flexibility by accepting different options such as credit cards and mobile payments. This ensures that users can easily subscribe and gain access to the platform without any hassle during the registration process. It is worth noting that despite its advantages, there have been occasional reports of suspicious accounts or important screw-ups with Hornet’s service. Nevertheless, these occurrences are infrequent and do not significantly hinder the platform’s overall performance and functionality.

Subscription Option Price/month Features
Free $0 – Unlimited profiles browsing
– View up to 20 profile photos per day
– Access to Buzzfeed news and articles
– One-on-one chat
– Join public & private groups
Hornet Premium $9.99 – Ad-free experience
– Unlimited profiles browsing
– Unlock who viewed your profile
– Access to all profile photos
– Advanced filters for accurate matching
– Incognito mode to browse anonymously
– Read receipts for messages
– Ability to save favorite conversations
– VIP customer support
Hornet PremiumPLUS $14.99 – All the features of Hornet Premium
– Additional benefit: See more guys in search results
– Jump ahead in the queue during peak times
– Faster photo approvals
– Rewind feature to undo actions
– Extra perks in Hornet events and parties

Note: Hornet subscription prices may vary depending on location and promotions.

Free Services

  • Hornet offers a range of free services including the ability to start your morning right with news updates, access to casual hook ups, and reporting any suspicious accounts.
  • With Hornet’s specific services, you can expect a smooth registration process and the option to explore casual hook ups.
  • In case of any important screw ups, Hornet claims to respond promptly and address user concerns efficiently.
  • By using Hornet for free, users can gain access to various features and connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Hornet offers several paid services designed to enhance user experience.
  • With a focus on casual hook ups and connecting with others, these services provide additional features for users looking for more than just friendship.
  • Users can opt for premium features such as advanced filters and unlimited matches through a paid subscription.
  • If you encounter any suspicious accounts or feel uncomfortable while using the app, Hornet offers a specific service where you can report and block such profiles.
  • The registration process for these paid services is simple and convenient, allowing users to gain access to exclusive features quickly.
  • In case of any important screw ups or technical difficulties related to the paid services, Hornet’s support team is readily available to assist and resolve any issues promptly.
  • Hornet ensures that even though there are paid features, their platform remains accessible for free by offering basic functionality for users who do not wish to subscribe to any paid services.
  • While Hornet claims to offer exciting and valuable additional features through their paid services, it is always up to the individual user to decide whether they find them worthwhile.

Premium membership on Hornet offers several advantages compared to its free counterpart. With a premium account, users can easily avoid potential issues in the morning by filtering out suspicious accounts and focusing only on verified profiles for casual hookups or connecting with other members. Additionally, accessing specific services becomes seamless as premium users bypass any registration process related hiccups that might occur with the free version.

Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Hornet profiles stand out due to their utilization of emotional images that help users express themselves and showcase their personality.
  • Users on Hornet have the flexibility to manage numerous schedules within the app, allowing for smooth interactions with a diverse community of individuals.
  • The platform provides ample opportunities for paid members to connect and establish brand new friendships, fostering a vibrant sense of camaraderie.
  • Customizable account settings empower users on Hornet to personalize their experience according to their preferences, enhancing their overall satisfaction with the app.

When exploring the user profiles of other members on Hornet, I noticed a wide variety of information and content. Some profiles included emotive images that conveyed different moods or interests, adding depth to their representation online. Additionally, it was evident that users had different schedules as they highlighted various activities they engaged in throughout the day. The platform allowed users to connect with new acquaintances by sharing basic details like age and location while also providing an opportunity to showcase personal interests, hobbies, or aspirations.

By perusing through these profiles, I observed that some features were only accessible for paid members who had chosen specific account settings. These premium options provided additional perks such as enhanced visibility or exclusive access to private photo albums. Overall, reviewing other user profiles not only exposed me to a diverse range of individuals but also helped me identify ways in which my own profile could stand out amidst this vibrant community on Hornet.

  • Use emotional images: By using pictures that evoke emotions, such as a genuine smile or a candid moment, your profile will capture attention and create a connection with others.
  • Provide numerous schedules: Add different activities or interests you enjoy and the various times you are available. This showcases your diverse lifestyle and increases the chances of finding commonalities with potential matches.
  • Seek brand new pals: Be open to meeting new people and emphasize this in your profile. Others who are looking for fresh connections will be drawn to your willingness to engage and make new friends.
  • Highlight paid membership: If you have a paid membership on Hornet, mention it briefly in your profile. This can indicate that you are serious about connecting and engaging with others on the platform.
  • Optimize account settings: Make sure your account settings are fully completed and up-to-date. This demonstrates your commitment and thoroughness when it comes to managing your online presence, making your profile more credible and trustworthy.
Hornet Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Hornet. The platform verifies users, ensuring the authenticity of fascinating personalities who own Hornet accounts. It actively fights against bots and fake profiles, providing a more trustworthy user experience. Users can also opt for two-step verification, adding an extra layer of protection to their account.

To maintain a safe environment, photos uploaded to Hornet undergo manual review before being displayed publicly.

This helps prevent explicit or inappropriate content from appearing on the app. Moreover, Hornet’s privacy policy ensures that personal information is handled with care and not shared without consent.

While Hornet places great emphasis on safety, there are areas for improvement. For instance, given the treasure search of connecting people worldwide together comes with challenges in moderating outrageous stories and offensive language that may slip through the cracks undetected. Striving for better filters and enhanced reporting mechanisms would be beneficial in further strengthening safety measures on Hornet’s platform.

Fake Profiles

On Hornet, it is not uncommon to come across fake profiles and bots. While the platform boasts a plethora of fascinating personalities, one must be cautious when navigating through the app. These fake profiles are often created by individuals who do not actually own Hornet, but rather aim to deceive users for their personal gains.

Detecting these imposters can sometimes feel like embarking on a treasure search as they employ various tactics to appear genuine. However, with some awareness and caution, distinguishing them from real individuals becomes an easier task. It’s important to remember that these phony profiles might try to engage you in conversation using outrageous stories or overly eager behavior – remaining vigilant can protect you from falling into their traps.

  • Be vigilant while interacting with profiles on Hornet. Keep in mind that fake profiles and bots exist, so it is important to stay alert.
  • Verify the authenticity of a profile by examining the information provided. Look for genuine details about fascinating personalities, such as hobbies, interests, or personal experiences.
  • Engage in conversations and ask questions about specific local places or events mentioned on Hornet. Genuine users who own Hornet will be able to provide valuable insights or anecdotes, avoiding generic or unconvincing responses.
  • Remember that identifying fake profiles and bots may not always be an easy task. However, remaining cautious and evaluating the information shared can help you navigate through potential impostors and their outrageous stories.


Users can access support for Hornet through various channels. They can visit the dedicated support page on the Hornet website, where they will find valuable information and resources. Alternatively, users can reach out to Hornet’s support team via email, and typically receive a prompt response within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, there is also a comprehensive FAQ page available, containing answers to frequently asked questions. Overall, Hornet provides a robust and accessible support system compared to other alternatives in the market.

Hornet offers multiple avenues for users to get the assistance they need. With its dedicated support page, users can find relevant information easily. Additionally, contacting Hornet’s support team via email guarantees timely responses from knowledgeable staff members. Furthermore, their extensive collection of FAQs ensures that users have access to solutions for common issues. When it comes to customer support options among similar platforms, Hornet stands out by providing diverse and efficient means of addressing user concerns.


Guys and gals, gather ’round as I spill the tea on Hornet, the dating app that claims to be all the buzz for gay men in the online dating game. Now listen up, because this is gonna save you some valuable time and hard-earned money. Let’s cut straight to it – Hornet might have a flashy design and promises of finding your dream boo within a swipe or two, but don’t let its shiny exterior fool ya. This so-called “dating internet site” just can’t live up to its claims when it comes to connecting with Mr. Right in the gay community. First and foremost, let’s talk mental and physical health (because we’re all about self-care here). When you dive into the deep end of online dating services, you want an app that encourages genuine connections and fosters positive interactions. But sorry folks, Hornet falls short like a pair of high heels at a beach volleyball match. You’ll find yourself swimming in messages from thirsty fiends who couldn’t care less about building something meaningful.

And if getting ghosted by randoms wasn’t frustrating enough, let’s not forget about those bots lurking around every corner like crazed pigeons eyeing your breadcrumbs. Ain’t nobody got time for automated messages pretending to be interested suitors! It’s like trying to find buried treasure while fending off rabid seagulls – downright impossible. Now hold onto your hats because we ain’t done yet – prepare yourselves for an avalanche of ads pummeling you left and right like pesky mosquitoes on a summer camping trip. Seriously though, who wants their potential love story interrupted by pop-up banners selling insurance? Not me! To make matters worse, navigating Hornet feels more confusing than parallel parking during rush hour traffic.

The user interface is clunky as granny Sue’s antique typewriter and trying to find what you’re looking for is as daunting as deciphering hieroglyphs. Ain’t nobody got time for that, my friends! So, here’s the bottom line: Hornet may be popular among folks looking to dabble in the online dating world, but let me save you some heartache and disappointment – it’s not worth your precious time or hard-earned moolah. Don’t worry; there are plenty of other fish in this vast sea of dating apps. Go forth, my single-and-ready-to-mingle comrades, and explore better options out there. Skip the buzzkill that is Hornet and find an app that actually caters to your needs – one where genuine connections can thrive like a sunflower in full bloom. Trust me on this one, and thank me later when you’re finally living your best love life!

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1. Is Hornet legit?

Yeah, Hornet is totally legit! It’s an app for gay men with a super active audience of other users looking to connect. The free features on Hornet make it easy to navigate and the advanced search filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. Plus, their incredible website and Hornet feed have everything you need to plan your next romantic date in real life without any break free damage!

2. How to sign up for Hornet?

To sign up for Hornet, the ultimate app for gay men, head to their incredible website or download the Hornet app. Fill out a quick form to create your hornet account and start browsing through thousands of gay singles in your area pronto! Make sure to check out their free features like advanced search filters and the lively hornet feed where you can connect with other users who are looking for that real life romantic date. No need to worry about break free damage here – Hornet is all about catering to its site active audience!

3. Does Hornet have a mobile app?

Yeah, of course! Hornet totally has a mobile app for gay singles to connect with other users. It’s super convenient and the site’s active audience can easily access free features through their hornet account on the app. With advanced search filters and an incredible website design, finding that perfect match for a real-life romantic date is just a scroll away in your personalized hornet feed or on that particular page you’ve been eyeing. So go ahead, download the Hornet app and break free from any dating damage!

4. How to register for Hornet?

To register for Hornet, simply head to the incredible website or download the Hornet app for gay men. Create your hornet account by filling out some basic info about yourself, and voila! You’ll join a site with an active audience of gay singles, enjoy free features like the hornet feed and advanced search filters, and maybe even score a real life romantic date from browsing on their particular page. No worries, it’s all damage-free!

5. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Hornet?

Hey there! Getting your profile approved on Hornet is a breeze. It usually takes just a couple of minutes for the site’s active audience to review and give you the green light, allowing you to jump into exploring other users, using their awesome free features, or finding potential matches through advanced search filters. So go ahead, create your Hornet account, download the app for gay men, and get ready to navigate an incredible website that may lead you to real-life romantic dates while scrolling through the lively Hornet feed or checking out someone’s particular page. Cheers!

6. Can you send messages for free on Hornet?

Yeah, definitely! You can totally send messages for free on Hornet. It’s a fantastic app for gay singles to connect with other users, and the site has an active audience. With your Hornet account, you can enjoy free features like messaging, browsing the incredible website, using advanced search filters, all without breaking the bank or damaging your love life. So get swiping and find that romantic date you’ve been looking for in real life through the Hornet app or their awesome feed on a particular page!

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